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GF Daily Dozen

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Pre-Order A GF Daily Dozen

  • You can place an order up to 30 days in Advance. 
  • Same day pick-up is possible for orders placed before 8am. Any orders placed after 8am selecting same-day pick-up will be automatically refunded.
  • At check-out you'll be prompted to select the date of your pick-up and a contact name. It's possible to have someone else pick up your order for you. Or to give a dozen as a gift! If you won't be picking up the doughnuts yourself, make sure you list the person that will be picking them up as the "contact person" while checking out.  

At this point, custom dozens are not available for online ordering. We are offering three options: a vegan dozen, a GF dozen, and our daily dozen

GF Daily Dozen's will always contain an equal weight mix of our daily GF flavors. We offer between three and five GF flavors daily. We post our flavors of the week regularly on Instagram

Our GF doughnuts are not certified GF. They are wheat-free and prepped and cooked separately from the rest of our products but are prepped inside a shared-kitchen space with numerous gluten-full products. 

Any questions? Email hello@DriftDough.Com