Drift Dough - Order Online

Open Wednesday-Sunday: 7am-12pm

We're back open at 7am on weekends again! GF back in stock for 10/22-10/24...flavors at bottom of flavor list. 

All flavors also available to walk-ins! Certain flavors go quickly so pre-ordering is recommended if you're set on a specific mix. 

Preorder Cutoff: 9pm the night before your date of order. 

If you would like to order donuts please email us at "Hello@Driftdough.com" with your name, phone number, date of pick-up and the donuts you'd like! We'll confirm your orders ASAP and payment will be due at pick-up.

1/2 Dozens = 10.50. (Choose your own) 

Classic Dozen 19.50 (Choose your own) 

Daily Dozen (One of Each-ish) 18.50 


•Vanilla Sprinkles 

•Fruity Pebbles

•Pumpkin Mascarpone

•Strawberry Mascarpone

•Powdered Sugar

•Cinnamon Sugar

•Sea Salt Caramel 

•Cookie Butter

•Nutella S’Mores 

•Apple Crumble

•Oreo (v)

•Maple (v)

•Pumpkin Spice Sugar (v) 

•Lemon Poppyseed (v)

•Cinnamon Sugar (v) 

•Blueberry Pancake (v)

•Raspberry Vanilla (v) 

GF Flavors: Vanilla Sprinkles, Apple Maple, Maple, Raspberry.